Friday, January 22

Wallace Shawn Joins Silverstone in ‘Vamps’

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Director Amy Heckerling has had a quite decade really. But we hope she’s going to be back on form with her upcoming comedy romance ‘Vamps’. The tale of two female vampires in modern-day New York City who are faced with daunting romantic possibilities. And playing the pair of blood-sucking ladies? None other than Alicia Silverstone (below) and Krysten Ritter. And it appears that Silverstone will be joined by her ‘Clueless’ co-star Wallace Shawn who has just been cast as Dr. Van Helsing.

Many of you may recognise his voice as he plays Rex in the ‘Toy Story’ trilogy. but many of you will recognise Shawn from his varied roles in such cult flicks as ‘The Princess Bride’ and Richard Kelly’s ‘Southland Tales’.

Silverstone, Ritter and Shawn will be joined by Sigourney Weaver, Richard Lewis, Justin Kirk and Brit actor Dan Stevens.

‘Vamps’ star Alicia Silverstone Looking Smoking Hot
Vamps star Alicia Silverstone Looking Smoking Hot

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