Monday, January 25

Warner Announce ‘Friday the 13th’ Sequel Date

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Despite mixed opinions on the ‘Friday the 13th’ reboot it appears Warner Bros. Pictures still has confidence in the old dog yet with the newly announced follow-up ‘Friday the 13th: Part 2’. The original grossed $90.6 million worldwide and only cost $19 mill to make so you can see why they would probably want to get cracking. A release date is already set for the follow-up and will hit theatres on Friday, August 13, 2010.

The plan is to get the 13th movie in this everlasting franchise filming before the end of this year. No actual production dates have yet been announced.

Scripters Mark Swift and Damian Shannonm, who also wrote the first one, will pen this follow-up. It is expected that Derek Mears will reprise his role as the indestructible Jason Vorhees.

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