Saturday, January 23

Whitney Able On New ‘Monsters’ UK Quad

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New UK horror ‘Monsters’ has gotten itself another UK quad poster. This time it’s a little more revealing and gives us a glimpse of the flicks two main stars Whitney Able (below) and Scoot McNairy. You can check out both the new and the old quad’s below. The new quad comes courtesy of UK distributor Vertigo.

“Six years ago, a NASA probe landed back in the New Mexico desert containing samples of alien life – which promptly grew, proliferated and turned the southern US and north of Mexico into an alien-occupied zone. Now, a US journalist agrees to escort an American tourist back through the no-man’s land to safety.”

‘Monsters’ is written and directed by Gareth Edwards and please note guys it’s a drama that contains horrific elements so let’s not overdo the ‘District 9’ comparisons just yet.

‘Monsters’ is due to arrive across the US in late October via Magnolia Pictures and in November here in the UK.

Monsters UK Quad Poster

Monsters UK Quad Poster

Whitney Able will surely wrap up a little warmer when taking on the ‘Monsters’
Whitney Able stars in Monsters

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