Tuesday, January 19

Who’s Calling For Help in New Still From David Brooks’ ‘ATM’?

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The guys over at Bloody Disgusting have just been sent a new teaser image for ‘ATM’. The new thriller from writer Chris Sparling (‘Buried’) and director David Brooks is set primarily in an ATM vestibule. So it seems Sparling likes to work with confined spaces when telling his tales. ‘She’s Out of My League’ Hottie Alice Eve (below) (who is also rumoured to be starring in the upcoming ‘The Raven’ alongside John Cusack) stars along with Josh Peck, Brian Geraghty (‘When a Stranger Calls’, ‘The Hurt Locker’), Aaron Hughes, Shailee Ferguson and Will Woytowich. You can check out the new teaser image below which seems to indicate a certain dyslexia from one of the trapped characters.

“On a late night visit to an ATM, three coworkers end up in a desperate fight for their lives when they become trapped by an unknown man.”

‘ATM’, just for us UK-ers, stands for automated teller machine. In other words a cashpoint or hole-in-the-wall. But I’m sure with the hordes of American culture you’ve picked up on both film and TV over the years you’re already aware of this.

New Still From ‘ATM’ Spells Help!
New Still From 'ATM' Spells Help!

‘ATM’ is currently shooting and we’ll get you a proposed release date once confirmed.

Who Wouldn’t Want to Get Trapped in an ‘ATM’ With Alice Eve?
Who Wouldn't Want to Get Trapped in an 'ATM' With Alice Eve?

Alice Eve Prepares for Bedroom Action
Alice Eve Prepares for Bedroom Action

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