Wednesday, January 27

Will Beckinsale Return to ‘Underworld 4’?

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It’s been a while but finally we have an opportunity to post a hot pic of Kate Beckinsale (below) once again as she hits the headlines with more talk on whether she’ll definitely be re-joining the vampire/lycans franchise ‘Underworld’ in the previously announced ‘Underworld 3D’ (AKA ‘Underworld 4’). Beckinsale’s writer/director husband Len Wiseman found time to chat with IGN over at Comic-Con. Here’s what he had to say.

“It’s all being written and talked about and hopefully all comes together. So we’re seeing how things happen. But we’re all keeping our fingers crossed.”

And how about Kate climbing back into that leather outfit?

“Yes. That’s the plan. We’re both waiting to see what kind of story comes together. It’s just getting the script to a certain place where we’re both happy with it.”

The new ‘Underworld’ movie has a tentative release date of 23 September 2011 if all goes to plan.

Is the lovely Kate Beckinsale ready to return to ‘Underworld 4’?
Is Kate Beckinsale ready to return to Underworld 4?

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