Tuesday, January 19

Worldwide Video Auditions To Join Australian Horror ‘Redd Inc’ Cast

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We have news of a great new casting opportunity for all you guys out there interested in appearing in new Australian horror movie ‘Redd Inc’. The filmmakers are accepting global auditions from around the world through online video submission. Parts have already been cast by utilising this method and several roles are still up for grabs that include a news reporter at the scene of a crime, a YouTube crime fan, a victim’s relative, and a patient of the Landsdale Clinic – all of which will be featured in the movie’s opening scene. Once the submissions are in it’s up to the public to vote for their favorite performances. The top ten, in each category, will then be whittled down by director Daniel Krige along with producer Jonathon Green. Submissions close on 31 January 2011. The voting closes a week later on 7 February and it’ll begin production in March. You can check out the synopsis below.

“Annabelle is a discontented burlesque webcam stripper who hates her boss and is trying to make a new start. She is abducted during one of her shows and ends up chained to a desk with five others in a macabre, horrific make-shift office. Their self-appointed “boss” is escaped, wrongly-convicted serial killer Thomas Reddman (Redd), demented from experimental, behaviour modification treatment. He requires Annabelle and his other “workers”, who were all participants in his trial, to find the true serial killer… or die horribly. They are trapped in a world of pain, impossible expectations and the ever present prospect of a grisly end. With an officious and vicious management style, Redd forces his “staff” to uncover the truth for the vengeance he seeks. Annabelle must survive this enforced work hell and overcome Redd to earn her ticket to freedom.”

Check out the official ‘Redd Inc’ site here for more about submissions.

Don’t forget all video submissions must be in by 31 January 2011, so get cracking!

'Redd Inc'

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