Monday, January 25

Zach Galligan Chats in Nando’s About ‘Cut’

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Brit writer/director Alexander Williams’ debut feature ‘Cut’ is coming to DVD. The new urban legend based horror hits stores on the 8th March and gives fans of cult horror/comedy ‘Gremlins’ a chance to see it’s star Zach Galligan back in horror-related action. But even if that’s not good enough perhaps the appearance of model turned actress Danielle Lloyd’s (pictured below) appearance will salivate you more.

Although claiming to be the first ‘continuous one-shot horror movie’ (in spite of this not actually being fact at all – remember Albert Pyun’s ‘Infection’ a few years back!?) ‘Cut’ is a tense British horror starring Zach Galligan (‘Gremlins’) and a host of up-and-coming native talent including the sexy Danielle Lloyd, Michael Socha, Simon Phillips, River George, Dominic Burns.

Zach Galligan has been chatting at Nando’s in Notting Hill about his ‘Cut’ experiences. check out the interview below.

“The story takes place in a cottage located deep in the wilds of the Lake District, in which a group of friends have returned following a party. In this isolated retreat, the tired party-goers’ nerves get the better of them. And soon they find that the urban legends they were dismissing only moments before, are becoming a horrific reality.”

The Sexy Danielle Lloyd stars in 'Cut'

‘Cut’ is released on DVD here in the UK on 8th March.

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