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Nick Principe

Nick: "A lil mystery goes a long way".

Conducted by Terry Coe
December 1st, 2010

I had the pleasure of talking with Nick Principe a few days ago. He was more than happy to answer a few questions for us about the upcoming Chrome Skull: Laid to Rest 2. As well as other projects coming in the near future. If you haven't checked out Laid to Rest, you really should. The movie is awesome! Laid to Rest 2 promises to be just as good.

I am a HUGE fan of the first Laid to Rest film. When I heard about a second movie coming out, my inner horror geek got an overload. What are we going to see from Chrome Skull in this one?? Can you give us some info on the movie’s premise?
Well, it starts right where the first ends, its not Chromeys hand who takes the camera. You'll learn that CS is one of the richest guys in the world. So he can afford "clean up" crews if plans go south. You'll get lil tiny things, and a full facial mask off reveal of CS's now HORRIBLY mutilated face. Trust me when I saw....I made CS as pissed as humanly possible. Its not just killing hookers and chicks anymore, he's mad at the world now, and anyone in contact is liable to be ended. But you'll never get a full back story, I think for now. I think its scarier to not know anything, its why people are scared of the dark. You don't know what's there. A lil mystery goes a long way.

Chrome Skull is such a bad ass. What’s it like getting into that role?
I had this big lunatic freak out in my dressing room from the first film. Where I just went ape shit breaking stuff and blasting the band Pig Destroyer. I have 3 iPod playlists that I listen to between sets and takes, but now, I put the mask on I hear that playlist. I am Chrome Skull. All that sadistic perverted rage is there ready to be pointed and fired.

Nick: "All that sadistic perverted rage is there ready to be pointed and fired".

I've read that actors study other characters or people and their likenesses to get prepared for their role. Did you do anything like that to prepare for him?
Almost any character I play I'd like to think I add a touch of Roy Batty from Blade Runner. But I also think that Chromey is part Patrick Batemen and part Michael Myers. Both for obvious reasons, and what better role models?

Did you have to be a fan of Robert's Terminator series to get the part? LOL
Ha ha....No no, Rob is a friend of over 5yrs. We're annoyingly honest with each other.

Is Laid to Rest 2 going to reveal any of the mystery around Chrome Skull? Origin type stuff?
Again....not really you'll get lil bits of stuff, but no back story. Its enough to satisfy...for now!

On top of the acting roles, you do a lot of stunts and behind the scenes work too. How did you get started in your film career?
I got my start as a PA (basic lowest guy on totem pole told to do WHATEVER anyone above you, and that's EVERYONE, tells you to do). I worked in set design, props, special fx, make up, and pyro. I haven't done crew work in quite some time, but if I ever go bust with acting and stunts I'd go back to one of them. I just love film, its all I've got.

Nick: "I just love film, its all I've got".

Most of your work has been focused in the horror genre. Are you a big fan?
Of course, when I was a kid I had Kane Hodder and Nick Castle dreams, but know I'm leaning more towards Boris Karloff. I wanna branch out like him, but just known for playing great villains. Good guys are boring. The bad guy is unique. "That is why evil shall always win...and good...is dumb" Spaceballs....sorry couldn't help it.

What’s been your favorite horror movies?
Lately US horror has been pretty boring, House of the Devil has probably been my favorite horror flick lately. France is just KILLING it literally. Un Prophète, Mesrine 1-2, Mutants, and a lot of Korean films lately are amazing. Park Chan Wook is a genius, and I'd kill to work with him. Also, I think its hard to ask a horror geek what your favorite horror flick is. Too hard, its easier to say "What's your favorite zombie, slasher, or supernatural flick." All the sub genres.

When your not brutally ripping people apart in front of the camera, how do things go behind the scenes? Got any good stories to share?
Unless your behind on time a LTR film is pretty chill. Any actor I have to kill, I keep a distance from them, and mess with them a lil because I want them to REALLY fear me. The camera is good at spotting a liar, so I try to help them give the best performance they can. Even if it means after we're done and I apologize. They don't except it, sorry but fine. I never know who I'll offend by telling stories....BUT I was doing a movie with Andy Griffith, and I was sitting on the can. I thought I locked the door, when it swings open. I reach for the knob and miss, he just stands there and says "Ok...got it when you're done". I called my mom and said, "Hey ma....Matlock just caught me on the shitter....maybe tomorrow the lady from murder she wrote will catch me pissing somewhere".

What do you like to do with your personal time? Where would you be on a typical day off?
A day off is Xbox, dvds, the movies, an hour at the gym, read some scripts. Or just sit on my coach and smoke weed, and watch reruns on TV and hope I get calls for auditions!

What’s after Laid to Rest 2? Got any other projects you’re working on? Maybe a Laid to Rest 3 already?
Right before LTR2 I did a GREAT slasher called Madison County, and duh, I'm the slasher. It was an AWESOME script, so I hope its edited well. In Jan I'm playing the lead in a heist crime flick called Nobody Can Cool. Its my biggest role yet, and trying to broaden my acting horizons. But, none the less, its VERY violent gun wise. I think people will love it.

Are we going to be seeing you at any horror conventions or signings in the near future?
Yes. I've FINALLY agreed to do some convention appearances. I just thought it was too fast too soon. I still think I'm like "Who the fuck is this guy to sell signed pics of himself?" I'm pretty friendly, but, for the most part like to keep to myself. I HATE crowds. BUT, so many fans from around the world hit me online. I feel like now I'd be letting fans down by saying no to cons, and that's the LAST thing I want to do to anyone who gives a damn about my work.

Just wanted to thank you again Nick for taking some time for Horror-Asylum. I look forward to checking out Laid to Rest 2 and your other films down the road. We appreciate your contribution to the horror genre. Keep on keeping on Nick!
Well thanks for letting me ramble and thanks to you for keeping horror awareness going. Good on ya!

"Thank you ever so much for taking part in this interview Nick
And we wish you the very best of luck in the future."

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