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Julie Strain

Julie: "I love horror movies but I stick
with what I know I am capable of".

Conducted by Phil Davies Brown
July 6th, 2004

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Initially, I was intimidated. I mean here I was chatting with the self proclaimed ďQueen of all mediaĒ whose personal statement is ď6 foot 1 and worth the climbĒ but after a while I realized that Julie Strain is not unlike myself. Highly motivated, goal orientated and very creative, Julie strives to be successful whilst retaining a down to earth quality and a sense of fun about her work and persona.

A veteran actress with over 100 appearances on film behind her, Julie has won herself a new army of fans thanks to her recent appearances in a number of genre films such as Birth Rite and Delta Delta Die, and donít worry she intends to stick around for a long time.

When did you realize that you wanted to act?
I think probably when I was around 5 and I was playing Cowboys and Indians in the yard and I was having fun hiding from the bad guys and I just thought you know this would be great to do when I grow up.

I heard you slept in your truck when you got to Hollywood?
I love when people tell this story as they always get it wrong.

I drove out in my truck and had to sleep in it en route, I wasnít living out of my truck hahaha. Once I got there it wasnít much better, but at least I had a roof over my head.

You have done over 100 features in just over 10 years that is more than most people achieve in a lifetime. Would you say that you are a workaholic?
Ah, I like to work, Iím not a workaholic. Iím ADD so Iím always doing something creative.

With regards to all the projects I worked on, I was starving and had to do all of those movies to pay the bills, you know, keep a roof over my head and eat as I hadnít met my husband back then (Julie is married to the excellent Kevin Eastman who co-created The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) so it kept me going as I couldnít afford to fail.

To be fair the majority of the features that I have done are shot quickly so that allows me to do more work also.

Julie: "..playing with raw meat and
just grossing everyone out".

You have started to make appearances in a lot of horror movies, is that because youíre a fan of the genre or is that just the type of roles that you seem to get offered?
I love horror movies but I stick with what I know I am capable of, and I can have fun with, itís not like Iím turning down other movies to do these.

Your appearance as Ms. Carlson in ĎBirth Riteí was hilarious. You always seem to have fun with your roles and just really go for it. Are the movies fun to shoot?
Oh I loved that scene, I was like give it to me now itís great!! I had worked with Devin Hamilton in the past and he approached me about appearing in his movies and right now Iím trying to help my little sister Lizzy establish her career, so I said to Devin that I would appear and do nudity if he would give my little sister the good parts as sheís a serious actress and is going to be a huge star. Devin agreed and so far we have done 3 movies for him, Bleed, Birth Rite and Delta Delta Die.

I do have fun with my roles, but only because I am comfortable with handheld cameras, if I have a big camera in front of me then Iím nervous that Iíll screw up as someone is losing money and I donít feel that I perform as well. The digital revolution has really allowed me to do some great parts and just truly run with it.

Delta Delta Die was just released here in the UK and again you were great as Marilyn Fitch. Was the film fun to make?
DDD was the most enjoyable experience so far. I was like throwing blood on the cast and crew and playing with raw meat and just grossing everyone out, it was so much fun and I think that it really translates on screen. The film also had such a great cast. I loved working with Brinke and Tiffany who are just amazing. At this point Julie asked me if I had seen the extras on the DVD to which I replied ďwhat extras? We get trashy overpriced vanilla editions of all your films over hereĒ.

What? Oh youíre joking, I had no idea that was happening. So you havenít seen the stuff I shot for the DVD?

Unfortunately not.

Well, the film was out really really quickly within 3 months if I remember correctly. When I started out in the business you would normally ship 50,000 units of a movie but the market became so saturated that you could only stock like 8,000. Delta Delta Die was the first low budget movie to ship like 40,000 units. Everyone just went wild for it and the extras which I shot for the DVD nearly got it kicked out of blockbuster!!

You and Lizzy are obviously very close. Do you enjoy working together?
I love working with Lizzy, we make packed lunches and set up camp and help each other learn our lines and we do each others hair and make-up itís great fun.

Zombiegeddon has a killer cast. What was that like to work on?
Zombiegeddon? I canít even think what that movie is? Itís probably just a bunch of footage cut together and they are using my name to sell it. Or perhaps I sent in a little tape? Iím sure itíll be great.

Youíre currently filming Black Dahlia, how is that going?
Itís going great, I just did my first few days this past weekend and still have some more to shoot. Ramzi Abed our Director is just great, and he really has a handle on the material. My sister Lizzy actually plays one of the Black Dahlias. Thereís a big movie and a little one both in production at the moment, and weíre in the little one so I wanted to make sure that the Director got in every emotion a person must be going through in their head. My only concern was that the material would be handled properly, and so far itís looking like itís gonna work out great.

Julie: "Itís great there are no egos".

You have been working with Trent Haaga on the movie. How are you enjoying working with Trent?
Trent is great and has always done great work. He practically ran Troma and he is so good heís probably gonna be the next Brad Pitt.

Is it true that everyone gets on and helps each other out on set like a big horror family?
Itís great there are no egos, we all support each other because letís face it if we can do it in one day but we donít get on, it will take twice as long you know, so why not just help each other? Everyone knows what to do.

You also teach I believe?
Yes, I taught photography and fine art at UCLA and the class was hugely successful. I help the models with poses and how to achieve the right look and such, whilst my partner would teach the technical aspects of photography.

Whatís next for the ever busy Julie Strain then?
Well, Lloyd Kaufman is coming by here for a meeting about a potential project and then Iíve already shot a lot of films that are yet to be released and then there is always my photography and other creative things I like to do.

"Thank you ever so much for taking part in this interview Julie.
And we wish you the very best of luck in the future."

You can visit Julie's official web site right here: www.juliestrain.com

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