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Tiffany Shepis

Tiffany: "Man I love Troma movies".

Conducted by Terry Coe
February 10th, 2010

I sent out an email to Tiffany Shepis one night hoping to get an interview with her. I checked my email about 2 am the next day and she sent me a reply. I was pretty thrilled, could barely sleep the rest of the night. I had a great time chatting with her. Tiffany had a lot of great info to share with me.

Thank you very much for talking with me today. I was very shocked that you'd even have time. I've been checking out your films in production, and you have got to be busy!!
Oh yeah, its been a very busy year in fact. Around this time every seems to settle down with work, but, with The Violent Kind going to Sundance, its been a little crazier than normal.

I'm sure you're really excited about that, and for the people that read this can you give us a little back ground on the movie and what we are going to expect out of it.?
The Violent Kind is a movie made by the Butcher Brothers, and we shot in San Francisco back in July, so this is really quick putting it together.

Its about a group of bikers that go to a secluded farm house to have a birthday party. All their girlfriends go with them, and one of them ends up all bloody, f*cked up, and possessed. *laugh* Thatís pretty much all I can tell you. The cast was AWESOME. Serious, I don't think I've worked on something where every single person was that solid and perfectly cast for that movie. Its a really f*cking weird film. I think when something gets into Sundance, its at least different, this one, I believe is really f*cking bad ass.

Yeah, I've seen still shots of the movie, and it looks BLOODY. I can't wait for that. Also, how cool is it for you to have your movie in Sundance?
Well, I have gone before when I hosted a TV show for Troma back in the day. I was never really a big fan of the Sundance stuff, because I always thought it was all artsy films. They are usually way smarter than what I can grasp, and I never know what the f*ck is going on. Now, I'm really not sure what to expect, except a REALLY good time

There are a lot of really good movies in there being shown right along with yours.
Yeah, no kidding, when I saw the line up I was like, holy shit. My favorite one is the Tucker & Dale vs. Evil. That trailer looks f*cking hysterical. Yeah, I have to try and sneak into that somehow. *laugh* You know, just having the movie premiere there, and its also showing five times throughout the festival, its crazy. Its definitely a pretty big deal, and I play a big part in the movie too. I'm excited!

How about Night of the Demons, its pretty much ready to go isn't it?
Night of the Demons is done. Its played in some festivals over in Europe and its been really well received. I play smaller part in it, but, because I was such a fan of the original I was thrilled to be in it in anyway. Most people would say, "I love the original so don't f*ck it up." F*ck no, redo it I want to see what you guys can do.

Tiffany : "Night of the Demons is done".

Jace (Anderson) and Adam (Gierasch) aren't strangers to the horror scene in either. How was it for you working side by side with our scream queen of the 80's, Leanna Quigley?
They're fans of the genre, and the last thing they wanted to do was piss off the fans. Kevin Tenney, director of the original, was around the set also. I think he is proud of what they did. Like I said, I play a smaller part in it. Leanna wasn't there when I started shooting. Actually, she left the day I got there. Which is funny, because, we've met each other before, and we've hung out. She is such a great lady. I think it would have been fun if we were on the set at the same time. Would have been very interesting. Also, she wears the outfit that she had in the original movie. I think it was really awesome that she got a cameo.

I'm finally seeing, after all you've done throughout your career you're going to be sitting in the director's chair for the Devil's Pies?
Well, The Devil's Pies is kind of on hold. I'm producing some projects, and they're in the hands of a few studios. I can't really talk about them at the moment. They're coming together pretty well, and its one of those things that I will know more about around the first week of January. So when I know, I will call you and say, "DUDE, post this..." *laugh* Its some pretty cool stuff. Devil's Pies, fun script, and I would love to work with Rolf (Kenisp, of The Hazing) again. I would really love to direct it. As an actor, I'm so swamped with what I have going on now, I just can't find the time to sit down and look at story boards, getting every together, and finding financing at the same time. Its getting done, but, its not going to be done today. If there is any script that I want to direct its that one. Its got boobs and blood and lots of hot extras running around. Lets exploit them all.

Well what more can you ask for right?
Exactly.!! *laugh*

Is that something you are wanting to do more of? Are you as comfortable being the camera as you are in front of it?
You know, its funny. Things have just changed a lot over the years. Not saying that I know everything about everything. But, the more you set out the more you learn about things. I find myself talking to the directors that I work with saying, "OH shit you should shoot it from this angle, because it would look really cool." I think its like a regular progression, you want to kind of try your hand at everything. But, honestly the more I try my hand at the producing, I think thatís where my calling is. I know so many people, and I like pairing them together. Then I could let someone else take the reins. I think that would be more of what you see from me in the next few years.

Tiffany : "You have a pretty cool killer, and a lot of good deaths".

I just received Basement Jack to help me with an upcoming project I'm putting together. Look like a pretty crazy movie.
I watched the finished part when it premiered at the Fangoria convention. Its a fun slasher movie that was really made well. You have a pretty cool killer, and a lot of good deaths. Its a mindless fun movie that you can just sit back and have some drinks, watch a bunch of people get killed, and enjoy it. Its also got a budget, so you're not watching something made for $10. Speaking of crazy. I have another movie coming out this year called Cyrus. Lance Henrikson is in it, and Danielle Harris. In all the flashbacks of the movie I play the mother of the serial killer. I haven't seen it yet, but from what I hear, I'm pretty f*cking scary.

Out of all the movies you've been in, and all the actors you've shared the screen with, do have any favorites that you enjoy working with the most?
I love working with all of them! *laugh* I would really like to do a movie that I actually share scenes with Danielle Harris. She is a f*cking good actress. In my opinion her and Brad Douriff were the best parts of Halloween. I really felt scared for this girl. Working with Lance is awesome. I mean, he is Lance Henriksen, Lance is just f*cking cool. Perry Shen and I have worked in a million movies together, I love working with him. I love working with people more than once, because then its like a reunion. I would love to work with Brad Douriff again, because he was awesome in The Hazing. That was my favorite part. I read the script and I was like, "AWESOME, I get to be possessed by Brad Douriff." I did do voices for an animated film called The Night Driver with Jeffery Combs and we were in the sound studio together. That was bad ass.

Hell, yeah, getting to work the Re-animator again is something I'm sure the fans would love!
Yeah.!! *laugh* And, he was also in Abominable, but, once again, no scenes with him there.

I really liked that movie. I'm surprised it didn't get the release hype that it should have. It was a great film. And, really had a few creepy scenes.
You know it did great. It was number one on the Sci-Fi channel. People loved it. The only thing was that it didn't get a theatrical release. It did really well, because who doesn't watch Sci-Fi channel at 10 o'clock at night right? What is this "S Y F Y" name change anyway? It was such a fun movie. Oh, I had the best death scene ever too!

What movies have you enjoyed working on the most?
I have to say The Hazing was surely the best. I had such a great time making that f*cking movie. It has the best cast and it was SO highly under rated. I think we really could have done a theatrical release. Also, The Violent Kind, which is going to shown at Sundance. Because, I get to play a absolutely hands down crazy bad chick. Hopefully Sundance doesn't fast forward through my part. *laugh* I am working on another film called The Prometheus Project that is due out next year. It was a lot of fun to work on. I'm not sure its going to be a fan favorite though. I play such a different character. I play a stem cell researcher, and there is no weird bull shit banter. No blood and guts on me throughout the whole film, and there is no f*cking nudity! But, its definitely a very smart retelling of the Frankenstein film. That was so much fun, because, it was really something different. Oh, and Nympho was awesome. That did really well DVD wise, but, wasn't one my fan favorites either. But, it was weird and Italian, and f*ck I got to go to Italy to make a movie. How cool is that?

You've always focused on the horror genre. Is that something that was always on your target getting into films?
I wasn't an actor going to school. I didn't do the acting and theater, or anything like that. But, I happen to go to a school where kids did a lot of acting. They would sit around reading the paper with all the casting calls and stuff. I was kind of bored and went through one and it had an audition for Troma. I was like, "Man I love Troma movies." I was just a dumb geeky fan. So I cut school and went to the audition. If I was going to go out for any movie, it was going to be a horror film. Because that is what I watched. As an actor I would do other jobs, and speaking of that I just did a movie Curve of Earth. Which is a dark comedy with me and William Forsythe. Which Forsythe won best actor. And, I think I won something. *laugh* I will do any type of movie. But, I'm more drawn to a crazy-bloody-ridiculous horror film. *laugh* In my opinion its way more fun to shoot those scenes. I have a f*cking blast when I walk onto the set and the special fx dept where they're making the blood and decapitated head rolls. Its way more fun then the scene where someone gives you a pretty locket. I love the action of trying to run from a killer, trying to kill someone, or trying to bite someone's f*cking throat out. *laugh*

Do you get any personal time to yourself? Your schedule has got to be crazy. What do you like to do when you're just hanging around?
I love to hang out with my kid. I have a 5 year old little crazy person. My life is so boring when it comes to not filming. I do travel a lot, I do about an average of 7 plane trips in a month. I'm almost like a part time stewardess. I am kind of a Christmas crazy person. My house is FILLED with Christmas crap. Which goes against, I should be wearing all black, and hate the holidays. *laugh* God, I hate EVERYTHING happy. *laugh* Really, I love Christmas, and this time of year. You'll find me shopping for deals, and looking for crappy cane canes that I can put in my yard. Or, fake reindeer that move. We watch a ton of kids movies and cook a lot.

I'm picturing you on your roof stapling lights to your roof like in Christmas Vacation.
You have no idea! Putting this stuff up takes me about a week. I'll put it all up and then look at it and get mad at it, take it all down and re-arrange the whole thing. Right now I pretty much have it set, expect for one thing. I need to make a pathway to my sliding glass door. I roped it all off with garland and candy canes. Then I realized I was trapped in my yard which was kind of a pain in the ass. You will find me at Walgreens complaining to the manager, and they will just say, "Alright Tiffany just take what you need." *laugh* They know me by name there.

Tiffany I can't tell you enough how awesome it was to talk to you. You are such a great person to chat with and this was so much fun for me. I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate it.
Awww, thank you. Most of the people in films, when they agree to do an interview, do it because we like it. As long as your interviewer is cool you can talk all day. You did a great job! Oh, another thing you can add. I have a new movie called Sickle coming out next year with Kane Hodder. Its really cool. Everyone in it is a bad mother f*cker. There is nobody you can root for in this film, so you have to root for the killer.

If you don't mind, I would really like to get a hold of you later on to catch up on any other projects you got going on. Maybe some status updates for anything in production or new films?
Yeah man, absolutely. I would surely do that. Email me a little after the new year. I think I'm going to have some pretty awesome news for you. If I do, I'll give it to you first! Just remind me that I said that. *laugh*

"Thank you ever so much for taking part in this interview Tiffany .
And we wish you the very best of luck in the future."

Tiffany and I talked for quite a bit aside from the normal interview questions. Hope that means I was a "cool interviewer" *laugh* Before I called her, I was feeling really nervous. She gets drenched in blood, fights demons, beats down zombies, and looks great doing it. Yes, Tiffany is by far the hottest scream queen to ever step foot in front of a camera. And, here I am. Normal guy from Iowa laughing it up with her on the phone. If you have not seen a movie with Tiffany Shepis, you're missing out.


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