Saturday, April 10

Moonlit Daydreams Signed Book Giveaway

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‘Moonlit Daydreams’ by Rebecca Carter is an oversize pocket book of short horror stories featuring women as the main characters (A government scientist, vampire, serial killer, victim of love and werewolf). And we have 5 copies of the book signed by both the author Rebecca Carter and the cover artist, Chris Clark to giveaway!

Moonlit Daydreams is a collection of nightmares: some very real and some imaginary. From zombie raptors and vampires to serial killers and werewolves- everyone is sure to find a story to believe in.

I. Of Children- Raptors used as biological warfare in a sudden zombie outbreak become infected, resulting in terror for their creator.
II. Hunger- A vampire tries to fit into everyday life. Work, play, feed. There is no guilt, no love, no forgiveness.
III. Midnight Strolls- A young woman is held captive by a deranged, brutal kidnapper.
IV. Love- A husband is tormented daily with handling his suicidal wife. Her brutal self injury pushes him to show her the purest form of his love.
V. Special- A look into the painful transformations of a beautiful young woman into a wolf and the consequences that come with being special.

To be in with a chance of winning your very own copy of ‘Moonlit Daydreams’ simply enter your details below!

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