Wednesday, October 28

A Space Bound Sandra Bullock Floats on in New ‘Gravity’ Image

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The gorgeous Sandra Bullock (‘Premonition’) has somehow managed to defy gravity all these years where her rockin’ body is concerned but now the 48 year old actress is literally defying it in this latest new image taken from Alfonso Cuarón’s ‘Gravity’. The new space-based feature from acclaimed ‘Children of Men’ director Cuarón stars both Oscar winning performers Bullock and George Clooney as a couple of astronauts attempting to return to Earth after a space shuttle accident. It’s set for a US release from 4 October and new footage from the feature will be making an appearance at this months Comic Con. Head below for the new pic.

‘Gravity’ is set to land in UK theatres on 18 October.

Sandra Bullock Floats in ‘Gravity’
Sandra Bullock Floats in 'Gravity'

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