Saturday, April 10

Anderson Not Part Of Alien 5!

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Dark Horizons reports:

‘With the success of ‘Alien Vs. Predator’, rumors have begun floating around regarding a continuation of the two franchises with most talk indicating another ‘Alien’ movie will be made.

Now, in an exclusive interview with Now Playing Magazine, AVP helmer Paul W.S. Anderson himself flatly denied the rumors that he’s scripting another ‘Alien’ movie – ‘That’s not a reality. I’ve heard that. I’ve been doing press lately for AvP and a lot of people said that. I don’t know where that came from. It’s not something I’ve been approached about.’

In fact he doesn’t want AvP to be considered as a fifth ‘Alien’ or third ‘Predator’ movie – ‘I would hope [it’s not looked at that way], because it’s a prequel anyway, so it doesn’t even take place in the same timeline as the Sigourney Weaver film. You know, when I did AvP, it was very much that I felt like I was making a standalone film that wouldn’t interfere with an Alien 5 or a Predator 3, which are both movies that I would like to see.’

Courtesy of Dark Horizons

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