Thursday, October 1

Hold Your Tongue for the Nasty New ‘Speak No Evil’ Sales Art

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It’s time to wrap your tongue around a new piece of gruesome sales art from the Roze directed horror ‘Speak No Evil’. The movie stars Gabrielle Stone, the daughter of horror legend Dee Wallace (‘The Howling’, ‘Cujo’, ‘Critters’), as Anna, a single mom, who receives little help in the search for her missing daughter until people realise that all of the town children have disappeared. When the kids do return, they are changed, diseased, and violent. Lovely stuff. Director Roze helms from a script he also wrote and the project also stars Greg Bronson, Sylvie Cohen, Michael Cortez, Madelynn Eldredge and Annalise Cavender. Head below for the new artwork.

'Speak No Evil' Sales Art

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