Sunday, January 17

‘Man Kills, Jesus Saves’ Kickstarter Has Launched

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The immensely talented creative duo of Jayme Karales (Practice Makes Perfect, The Hutchcast) and Joel Amat Güell (8 Minutes, Practice Makes Perfect) are at it again, this time joining up with Slasher Studios founder Kevin Sommerfield for a Kickstarter to fund their upcoming horror film Man Kills, Jesus Saves. Described as a cross between ‘The Burning’ and ‘Wet Hot American Summer’, Man Kills, Jesus Saves is intended to be a send-up of 1980s slasher films – but with a plot relevant to today’s social climate.

Kickstarter Campaign:

“Set in 1988 West Virginia, Man Kills, Jesus Saves centers around a Bible Studies camp for children led by the ever ‘hip’ youth pastor Duane Sheppard Jr. As he and his collective of Christ-loving youth counselors begin setting up camp for the season, a series of strange happenings occur that rattle the members of the site and, in turn, lead to several murders committed by an unidentified killer.

In the midst of this, Duane and the camp itself face the potential of scandal and condemnation due to long held rumors of inhumane treatment and gay correction therapies surfacing in The Village Voice. Duane struggles to cover up the murders to avoid further bad publicity and attempts to find the killer before things escalate to the point of no return.”

The film stars writer/director Jayme Karales as a manipulative, egotistical camp director named Duane Sheppard Jr. and features Güell in his acting debut as a mysterious refugee who wanders onto the campsite. Also in the film are Alexandra Naughton (CTRL ALT DELETE, Control), who plays an aspiring journalist looking to dig into the camp’s sorded history to find evidence that’ll shut it down, Latin For Truth frontman Charles Ray Hastings as Duane’s ‘slow thinking’ sidekick Bobby Jon, cult film actor Peter Stickles (Evil Bong 3-D, Jack Ketchum’s The Girl Next Door) as a drug smuggler named Aras — partnered alongside comedian Kenney Dorcely (Practice Makes Perfect, The Hutchcast), and indie film actors Gregg Golding (Cosplay Fetish Battle Drones, Trolling), Lea Ruwaldt (Mobius, Inked), Anthony Martel (Somewhere Else), Marla Van Lanen (Don’t Go to the Reunion, Dismembering Christmas), Gary Miller (The Hutchcast, Practice Makes Perfect), and newcomer Ivana Bellorado round out the cast.

In order for the film to reach production Karales and Güell, along with producers Kevin Sommerfield (Don’t Go to the Reunion, Dismembering Christmas), Zach Benard (Somewhere Else), and Gregg Golding, need to raise $10,000 within a 30 day period. Otherwise, you can file this movie off to the same imaginary realm as Jodorowsky’s Dune and Superman Lives. If you’d like to help fund Man Kills, Jesus Saves and rack up limited edition rewards like signed DVDs, posters, camp t-shirts, customized illustrations, personal advice from the screenwriter, and even a walk on role in the film, follow the link below and join the effort while there’s still time.

Man Kills Jesus Saves Artwork

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