Poster for Tales From the Dead

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Tales From The Dead

Dread Central received an update from Jason Cuadrado about his first feature film, Tales From the Dead, the ambitious project that utilized only Japanese-speaking LA talent to create a four-story anthology.

Jason dropped them a line for a few reasons; the first of which was to show off the very cool poster (on your right), which the director said will be added to once distribution is settled. He also wanted to let us know that the film was chosen to be part of the IFP Rough Cut Lab, which identifies promising new films that can gain from the expertise of verteran producers. More info on that is right here.

Finally, if you head on over to the Tales From the Dead MySpace page you can check out a new contest they have running in which they’re looking for 30-second true ghost stories, the best of which will be featured on the eventual DVD release of the anthology.

Click on the image for full view…

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