Thursday, February 25

Pull into the ‘Dead End Drive-In’ this April with Ozploitation DVD Release

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Arrow Video will be revisiting 80’s Australian exploitation when it finally releases Brian Trenchard-Smith’s cult ‘Dead End Drive-In’ onto DVD here in the UK. Based on a short story by Peter Carey and adapted by writer Peter Smalley director Smith put the whole project together in a short 35 day shoot as “an allegory for the junk values of the eighties”. The Ozploitation classic lands on DVD here in the UK from 8 April. The flick stars Ned Manning, Natalie McCurry, Peter Whitford, Wilbur Wilde, Dave Gibson, Sandie Lillingston, Ollie Hall, Lyn Collingwood, Nikki McWaters, Melissa Davis and Margi Di Ferranti. The DVD release comes complete with a special collectors edition booklet and you can check out the DVD artwork below.

“Jimmy and Carmen, a young couple, arrive at their local Drive-in theatre hoping to catch a movie, but when the tires and gas from their car are stolen and siphoned, they find themselves trapped in the chaos that is “Dead End Drive-In”… Can they escape before becoming resigned to a hellish existence among the freaks and loons? There’s a party every day, a movie every night, and all the junk food you can eat. What more can a kid dream of… except to get out!”

‘Dead End Drive-In’ DVD Artwork
'Dead End Drive-In' DVD Artwork

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