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Mordum (2003)

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Reviewer: Garth Thatchuk @horrorasylum
Location:Alberta, Canada
Review Date: 22 April 2003 My Rating: out of 5


# Imagine this. One of your friends shows up at your place in the middle of the night, out of breath, and in a major panic. You are told that they hold in their hands the Holy Grail of Extreme Horror, a tape that captures the essence of what it must be like to follow around a small, but devoted group of serial killers and rapists. It is stated that if you want to see the tape, it must be watched right there and then. You ask why, and they tell you it is out of Fear. Fear that someone might actually see or hear you watching this tape, freak out, and call the cops to report you. You start to laugh and think to yourself that it canít be that bad, that you are no wimp, that you can handle it. Right? This is a question that you must be very honest in answering to yourself if you choose to see August Underground's Mordum.

The movie starts off very cold, with just a snowy screen. Before long, in the static, you hear someone talking and can kind of make out a few quick bursts of images (These shots make sense on the second viewing). Within a couple of seconds the video starts, as well as one of the weirdest, sickest journeyís that I have ever been taken on. Mordum is not a conventional film in the least. We go from scene to scene, just like the killers were taping a play by play of what their group has been up to. And I will say this much, this group has been very busy!

The main characters in Mordum include two guys, a girl, and a lot of violence. In the minutes that contains Mordum, the filmmakers manage to squeeze almost every offensive behavior known to man within its walls. Torture, Rape, Murder, Incest, Masturbation, Disembowlment, and a Pedophile scene that will forever be etched in my mind! All are done with the best special effects I have ever seen in a film of this nature (Jerami Cruise, graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and Tom Savini's School of Special Make-Up). Just last month at the films world premier, it won the best special effects award at this years Calgary International Horror Festival, Exofest II. Well deserved and truly stomach turning! This should prove to be the first of many awards that these fearless filmmakers should be awarded in the year to come. I also believe that the castís (especially Mikey Maggotís) performances, should not go without merit as this film makes the rounds in the independent horror film circuit.

With all of this being said, it is my belief that this is not a movie as much as it is an experience. Putting into words describing the horrible acts this group do to the majority of people they come into contact with not only cheapens this review, but will wreck the entire experience for those of you out there brave enough to seek Mordum out. This is a work of art that should only be seen by those who are mentally stable and well over the age of .

I have been a fan of underground extreme horror for a long time, and this is the first film that I caught myself looking away from the screen out of full disgust. Mordum not only demands your attention, but also will leave you feeling dirty and confused once the journey ends. This puzzlement will remain till repeated viewings. Mordum has a well-crafted story that will not be understood by all. Very complex indeed. I applaud Fred and Michael for being brave enough to do what no one else has done before, and that is push the envelope so much further than anyone else in the history of film. Mordum is the new standard for extreme horror that should prove unsurpassed till the next August Underground experience. This is the new centerpiece of any extreme horror fans collection.

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