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Steven Davies Posted: 19 July, 2013 at 16:34 PM GMT
Author: Steven Davies

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With just a few episodes of hit Showtime series 'Dexter' left to play out before the long running series finally comes to a bloody end we're still left to quietly contemplate just how the show will end. The climatic finale is due to screen in the US on 22 September and a few days later here in the UK and which will no doubt be brimming over with shocks and twists yet hopefully leaving loyal fans like myself with a sense of conclusion more than confusion. We've already been teased with the knowledge that Dexter will certainly not be walking off into the sunset but what exactly will the end hold for Dexter, Deborah and indeed everyone around them? We take a look at a few possible outcomes.

Deborah Takes over the Family Business
How's this for a theory? Deborah is the most fucked up bitch on TV it has to be said. Ok let's recap...mother dies, father dies, she falls in love with a serial killer, she has several empty relationships thereafter, she's a foul mouthed workaholic, falls in love with her adopted brother who then turns out to be a mass murderer. In the eighth season we've already seen a massive downward spiral. She is the perfect candidate for the breakdown to end all breakdowns. Perhaps her personality screams instability more so than methodical so if she does carry on Dexter's work if he just so happens to disappear, die or becomes imprisoned then her reign as the new killer on the block may not be with a great deal of longevity.
Likely outcome rating: 4/10

Deborah and Dexter

Dex Hits the Rubber Walls
Poor old Dexter gets committed to a mental institution to live out his remaining days. The truth is uncovered and it's official - Dex's noodle is no good. Everyone's favourite stab-happy Floridian finally gets man handled off to a rubber room and handed a pink queue ticket to cash in his free double lobotomy. We're imagining a slow revealing shot of Dexter sitting in a locked cell mouthing the words of Harry Morgan ala 'Psycho'-esque.
Likely outcome rating: 7/10

'Dexter' Goes Crazy

The Classic Revenge Scenario
You could say that Dexter Morgan has certainly built up an esteemed list of enemies over the seasons but not many of them have actually survived. So who are likely suspects to end the life of our star? The obvious suspect would be Hannah McKay, the sexy yet deadly Dex ex-lover who is planning her ultimate revenge against the man who put her, albeit justifiably, behind bars. How about Dexter's estranged step-son Cody? The dude hits puberty, goes nuts and blames the big bad step-Dad for his mother's death. There's a whole heap of unresolved emotions between many of the characters from seasons past with varying levels of animosity towards our anti-hero.
Likely outcome rating: 6/10

'Dexter' Season 8 Cast

Deborah Kills Dexter
In what seems to be the most fitting of endings its up to former-Lieutenant Debra Morgan to put the final nail in brother Dexter's coffin. It would be almost poetic if the show ended this way, in a situation where Dexter's death is the only option left. Most definitely it would be Dexter's decision to die and would make sense if he got stabbed in a kill room of his making. Perhaps as self-punishment for his past crimes or to 'cover-up' the still undiscovered secret that our hero is himself a serial murderer.
Likely outcome rating: 8/10

Deborah Shoots Dexter

The BIG Twist
With a show as brilliant and as well received as 'Dexter' is it'll be hard at this stage to completely 'flip' absolutely everything we've seen to date and learnt about the character for it all to end up as some twisted dream. Could we end up with some 'Vanilla Sky' like deal where the last 2-3 seasons have simply lived in the mind of Dexter? Will we be left open mouthed wondering what the hell just happened punching the nearest face and wanting the last few years of our lives back! It wouldn't fit to have the wool pulled that firmly over our eyes and would be the ultimate spitball in the face to many loyal fans.
Likely outcome rating: 1/10

'Dexter' Ends

Article sponsored by: Horror Juice   Visit here for original horror content services and social media exposure.

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Steven Davies Posted: 19 July, 2013 at 16:34 PM GMT
Author: Steven Davies

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