Wednesday, February 24

An Interview with Caity Lotz

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Caity Lotz is an American currently starring in the hit television series ‘Arrow’ and in the stunning British sci-fi film ‘The Machine’.

How did you prepare for your role as The Machine?
Physically I had to get in really good shape so I was working out pretty much every day to build up some muscle and it was really about just finding the character. I worked on how she walked and spent time in front of the mirror practicing my facial expressions.

Was it difficult to suppress the developing humanity of The Machine?
Not really as when I was playing The Machine I was just so involved in the character and I found it easy to get into the moment.

How would you say The Machine perceives the world she has been born into?
In the beginning she’s like a child just full of joy and bliss and kinda happy. Originally she was a consciousness in a box and then they gave her a body so now she’s able to touch and smell and it’s all new to her.

One of my favourite scenes is where The Machine has just emerged from the laboratory and is beginning to discover herself and then starts to dance, for want of a better word. I spoke to Caradog James and he said some of that scene was improvised. I wondered how much of it just came to you in the moment?
A lot of it really. We didn’t have any music when filming so I had to put some music on my phone to move to. In reality it wasn’t about dancing but just feeling the music and how she would move.

The politics and themes of The Machine can be interpreted in different ways but I wondered if there was one particular theme you took from the film?
I think for me it was a question of our humanity. The Machine isn’t human but she’s the most humane of all the characters. I think a lot comes from how people fear the unknown and maybe that explains why people are the way they are to her.

How different is it being involved in a major television series like Arrow as opposed to a low budget film like The Machine?
I don’t mind the low budget element and when you don’t have the money people just get more creative and be focussed on what they’re doing without studio interference.

You’ve done many things in your career. Are you drawn to different projects?
For me it’s just about the character and I think that at different times in my life I’m drawn to different things.

“Thank you ever so much for taking part in this interview Caity.
And we wish you the very best of luck in the future.”

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