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8 Pant Tingling Moments in Horror – Part Two

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Following on from yesterday’s first four segments to our 8 selected pant-tingling moments in horror and sci-fi we conclude our list with a foursome of more awesome hotties strutting their stuff, flashing their bits and more importantly exciting sad and lonely men across the world on their hunt for titillating entertainment in any form they can. And in case you missed it head to the bottom of this post to find the link to yesterday’s installment. Let us begin.

Roxanne Kernohan in  ‘Critters 2’ (1988)

In Mick Garris’ comedy, sci-fi, horror sequel a collation of scares and giggles help uncover the next entry in our list as a pleasingly unexpected appearance of smile-inducing boobies hit our screens. The Krites return for seconds and it’s up to space bounty hunters Ug and Lee and other returning cast members to do their thang! The duo return to Earth to hunt down the hungry little feckers and due to their ability to reproduce their look to an image or person of their choice the face-less Lee decides to borrow a very eye-pleasing form from a copy of a Charlie’s Playboy mag. In step Roxanne Kernohan, the blonde well-endowed playmate whom Lee temporarily embodies, with an oversized stomach staple and all. She literally tears out of her spacesuit and even when she manages to cover up her tidy shirt potatoes she still looks pant-tingly great in her outfit complete with kick-ass bazookoid.

Roxanne Kernohan Unleashes Her Impressive Chest Critters
Roxanne Kernohan Unleashes Her Impressive Chest Critters

Francesca Rettondini in  ‘Ghost Ship’ (2002)

Curvy cruise line singer Francesca is the subject of our next entry. The alluring yet deadly spirit trapped on the doomed Italian ocean liner, Antonia Graza, equipped with her hour-glass figure manages to snare another victim with her impressive assets. The gold-digging temptress lures Isaiah Washington’s character to his demise (where he literally gets shafted!) only to turn to camera as a rancid old version of her fine-figured self which would send any ‘hardened’ fan flaccid as cream cheese. The siren bitch’s back-stabbing background comes to light in a frenzied and well executed sequence which practically sees the entire crew and guest list aboard the liner completely wiped out. Thankfully though for that brief moment where Francesca unleashes her tightly fitting red dress to the ground and thoughtfully stands naked and proud just wearing her opera length gloves we can all thank God for the pause button.

Hot Blooded Italian Teasing from the Sexy Francesca
Hot Blooded Italian Teasing from the Sexy Francesca

Delphine Chanéac in ‘Splice’ (2009)

Vincenzo Natali’s sci-fi flick ‘Splice’ may have opened a can of worms with regards to the moral implications of gene splicing but it also introduced us to Dren. Played by Chaneac, Dren was the hybrid animal/human creation of young couple and genetic engineers Clive Nicoli and Elsa Kast played by Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley respectively. And in one particularly bizarre scene we get to see the new species strip off and climb on top of her semi-father figure Clive for her first sexual initiation into womanhood. Dren is an oddly beautiful creation yet with so many creatures blended into her DNA surely it’s borderline bestiality? And once again it opens up the old discussion of which half of the mermaid would you rather have?

Hybrid Hottie Dren Spices up ‘Splice’
Hybrid Hottie Dren Spices up 'Splice'

Lia Beldam in ‘The Shining’ (1980)

It might be her one and only movie credit yet its one hell of a memorable moment in horror cinema. Jack Torrance (played by Jack Nicholson) is overwhelmed when he enters room 237 in the Overlook Hotel and is faced with a bathing beauty in the form of the young miss Beldam. The delightfully bushy performer peeks out from behind the shower curtain and slowly exits the bath in all her naked glory and much like our previous ‘Ghost Ship’ entry does a complete ghostly u-turn and switches from fuckable hottie to grotty old nottie. The whole sequence feels like one of those beer-goggle moments when you awake the next morning turn over and clap your eyes on the rough old bint you pulled the night before. Needless to say Jack didn’t join her in the shower.

Bathroom Thrills Turn to Chills in Room 237
Bathroom Thrills Turn to Chills in Room 237

Honourable mentions:

The topless angry princess from ‘Thirteen Ghosts’ (2001) – played by Shawna Loyer

The Angry Princess and Her Ghostly Rack
The Angry Princess and Her Ghostly Rack

Nudity from Eve in ‘Species II’ (1998) – played by Natasha Henstridge

Henstridge Unleashes Sci-Fi Sexiness in ‘Species II’
Henstridge Unleashes Sci-Fi Sexiness in 'Species II'

T-X helps erect fans in ‘Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines’ (2003) – played by Kristanna Loken

Kristanna Loken Searches for Post Time-Travel Outfit
Kristanna Loken Searches for Post Time-Travel Outfit


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