Wednesday, September 30

Comic Book ‘Locke & Key’ TV Show Nabs Gorgeous ‘Black Swan’ Actress Ksenia Solo

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If you’re a fan of Latvia and incredibly hot chicks then you’re going to love this piece of NiceGirlsTV news. Actress Ksenia Solo (below), whom you may know as Natasha Siviac in CW’s ‘Life Unexpected’, recently appeared in Darren Aranofsky’s ‘Black Swan’ and has since been seen hotting up red carpets at premieres around the world has now been added to ‘Locke & Key’. The new Kurtzman/Orci TV show based on Joe Hills’ comic book series stars Jesse McCartney, Nick Stahl (‘Mirrors 2’), Mark Pellegrino (‘Lost’, ‘Supernatural’), Sarah Bolger and Miranda Otto. Mark Romanek (‘One Hour Photo’) will helm the pilot.

“After the murder of their father, Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode Locke relocate with their mother to the family estate of Keyhouse, located in Lovecraft, Massachusetts. Sam Lesser, one of the teens who murdered Mr. Locke, is in a juvenile detention center and, by gazing in water, communicates with a supernatural force that promises to free him. Bode Locke, the youngest of the family, uncovers The Ghost Door, which separates his spirit from his body.”

‘Locke & Key’ is currently shooting.

The Stunning Ksenia Solo Joins ‘Locke & Key’
The Stunning Ksenia Solo Joins 'Locke & Key'

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