Wednesday, January 27

First Look at David Tennant in ‘Fright Night’

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Craig Gillespie’s ‘Fright Night’ is starting to sound pretty darn appealing. Initially it just appeared to be an excuse for Dreamworks to exploit the ever-growing vampire-loving audiences out there due to such blood sucking successes as the ‘Twilight’ movies and multitude of vampire-related TV shows. But with a cast that includes Colin Farrell, Anton Yelchin, David Tennant, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Sandra Vergara (below), Imogen Poots (’28 Weeks Later’), Emily Montague and Toni Collette it certainly goes a long way to keep me interested still. That being said a new promo banner featuring David Tennant (‘Dr. Who’) as Peter Vincent is very intriguing. Check it out below.

Tennant, who takes on the role portrayed by Roddy McDowell in the original, has certainly got a different look from his predecessor. The Vincent character this time around is a Vegas entertainer and the new look certianly reflects this.

The remake keeps the same concept in that youngster Charlie Brewster becomes convinced that his new neighbour is a vampire. Colin Farrell stars as the vampiric neighbour whilst funny-lad Christopher Mintz-Plasse plays Charlie’s best friend Evil Ed. Toni Collette will play Charlie’s mother “who at first disapproves of the new arrival but changes her attitude when she meets the magnetic man and — surprise — doesn’t believe her son when he tries to tell her Jerry is a vampire.”

‘Fright Night’ star David Tennant plays Peter Vincent
'Fright Night' star David Tennant Plays Peter Vincent

‘Fright Night’ star Sandra Vergara Gets Naughty
'Fright Night' star Sandra Vergara Gets Naughty

‘Fright Night’ arrives on 7 October 2011.

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