Sunday, October 25

Grimmfest 2013: No Let Up In the Horror

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Saturday 5th October at Grimmfest 2013 became an unrelenting procession of the great and the gory, a steady flow of bloody productions that thrilled and unsettled audiences in equal measure. The main festival at The Dancehouse in the afternoon and evening offered more than one contender for the title as the film of Grimmfest and each one is very different. The three highlights were films that were very different in nature but shared the same great qualities; there were each intense and uncomfortable to watch at time but in very different ways. ‘Kiss Of The Damned’ is a beautifully gothic, incredibly engaging vampire love story that took inspiration from films of a different age focussing on the visual and the aural rather than simply the darker side of eternal life.

'Kiss of the Damned'

Following this came ‘The Conspiracy’, a faux documentary built around global paranoia which took inspiration from the found footage genre, and added its own twist. Continuing this run, and offering something completely different was ‘Big Bad Wolves’. A strange and twisted tale of revenge and suspicion this Israeli production was as comedic as it was brutal and it is impossible not to be affected by its subject matter.

'Big Bad Wolves' Poster

The final day promises to finish the festival on a high with several great films on show including zombie comedy-horror ‘Stalled’ and the Wither from Sweden which is already being likened to ‘The Evil Dead’.

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