Thursday, February 25

Hot Twin Electra Avellan Chats ‘Machete’

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If you haven’t yet been introduced to the ultra sexy ‘babysitter twins’ from ‘Planet Terror’ then I’m afraid sir, you haven’t lived! The Avellan Twins (Elise and Electra) first featured in Robert Rodriguez’s zombie horror back in 2005 and now they’re scheduled to appear as Sexy Nurse #1 and 2 in his new project ‘Machete’ (based on his faux trailer in his Grindhouse project, starring Danny Trejo in the title role). Electra has been chatting with Fangoria about their new roles.

“I can’t talk much about the production of the film.” Electra states. “Not yet. What I can say is that it will surprise everyone. It is a very well done movie. I believe Robert has a keen eye for what’s good, and this film is just that- really good!”

Ok, not a lot to go on there, but still it gives us the opportunity to post a hot pic of her below. you can read the full interview right here: [Electra Avellan Interview with Fangoria].

Hoy Babysitter Twin Electra Avellan chats with Fangoria

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