Thursday, October 1

Mark Tonderai’s ‘Peste’ Infects the Young Abigail Breslin

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What at first glance looks to be an Italian sauce is in fact the new upcoming thriller from Mark Tonderai (‘House at the End of the Street’). ‘Peste’, scripted by Barbara Marshall, is another virus outbreak thriller which according to Screen Daily will be the first chapter in a planned trilogy. The word peste appears to refer to the infectious and potentially fatal bacteria Yersinia pestis which infects animals (commonly rodents) and humans. The virus in this movie is said to wipe out the majority of the human population. ‘Zombieland’ and ‘The Call’ star Abigail Breslin (below) has been snapped up to star in the movie. Breslin is set to play the lead described as “a teen who documents her family’s new life in quarantine and tries to protect her infected sister.”

Abigail Breslin

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