Sunday, January 17

New And Back Issues Of UK Horror Magazine ‘Scream’ Now Stocked By Raw Flesh

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Those Raw Flesh fellas have started to stock UK horror magazine ‘Scream’. Issue 7 arrives next month which of course Raw Flesh will be stocking and it’ll include exclusive chats with Robert Englund (‘Strippers Vs. Werewolves’), Rutger Hauer (‘The Reverend’) and Corey Feldman (‘Six Degrees of Hell’). And of course will still be stuffed with the usual horror news, photography, giveaways and more. You’ll soon be able to buy the new edition upon its September release but you can also pick-up all the back issues at Raw Flesh. The site established earlier this year features its own exclusive range of horror tshirts available for despatch around the World!

Check out all the horror mags and exclusive tshirts over at the official Raw Flesh store.

Buy ‘Scream’ Magazine Now Available At Raw Flesh
Buy 'Scream' Magazine Now Available At Raw Flesh

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