Tuesday, January 19

New ‘H2: Halloween 2’ Footage Revealed on ET

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Entertainment Tonight have been first to reveal the initial footage from Rob Zombie’s upcoming sequel to his ‘Halloween’ remake ‘H2’. You can view the clip below. The follow-up, currently in post-production, should be with us on August 28. The teaser trailer is attached to ‘Crank: High Voltage’ in some select theaters in New York and LA and so it’ll hopefully be online very soon.

‘H2’ will pick up right where the first movie left off and will see Scout Taylor-Compton reprise her role as Michael’s unfortunate sibling Laurie Strode. Tyler Mane will once again appear as the masked psycho. Zombie will once again helm the project that he also penned for Dimension Films.

No official word as yet if UK theatres will get it at the same time as our transatlantic chums but we’ll keep you posted.

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