New Zombie Novel ‘Autumn’ Clip

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Director Steven Rumbelow has joined the hoard or undead movie makers in recent years. The zombie boom is back and I for one am pretty pleased. And Steven will soon be unleashing the upcoming British/Canadian end-of-the-world saga ‘Autumn’, based on the novel by the UK’s David Moody.

‘Autumn’ tells an intimate yet epic story of societal meltdown, as a seemingly unstoppable virus ravages the planet, killing almost everyone and causing victims to rise again with a blind hunger for the still living. And like the best of the living-dead movies, ‘Autumn’ opts to focus more on the internal plight of those left alive, as opposed to simply wallowing in wanton flesheating (though it has its fair share of that too). Rumbelow himself describes the film as a “taut psychological thriller that has more to do with the silence and the shock that survivors experience following a major disaster rather than just another zombie flick.”

‘Autumn’ is being produced by the Canadian outfit Renegade Motion Pictures, and stars Dexter Fletcher and genre-film vet David Carradine. The flick is currently in postproduction and will be aiming for an Autumn/Winter 2008/2009 release.

You can view a promo clip below and you’ll soon be able to check out the film’s official website here very soon.

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