Sunday, January 17

Official Teaser Art for Drew Daywalt’s ‘The Hurting Man’ Bears Down on Us

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Now here’s a particularly disturbing piece of early teaser art. The kind that we bloody love over here at the Horror Asylum. Writer/director Drew Daywalt is busy prepping a cool sounding new project entitled ‘The Hurting Man’ and if the new piece of teaser art shown below is anything to go by we should be in for a treat. Daywalt recently helmed the St. Patrick’s Day horror flick ‘Leprechaun’s Revenge’ starring Billy Zane for SyFy and is looking to begin shooting ‘The Hurting Man’ later on this year.

“The Hurting Man follows the story of a police officer who tragically finds his family murdered after a failed 911 call and now must work to save their souls from a demonic boogieman haunting his childhood home.”

‘The Hurting Man’ Teaser
'The Hurting Man' Teaser

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