Tuesday, January 19

The Asylum Views ‘Ghost Month’ Documentary

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Resident horror reviewer Phil writes in today to let us know that he’s been able to view a special making-of documentary for director Danny Draven’s latest scare project ‘Ghost Month’. Here’s what Phil had to say.

“I had the opportunity recently to check out a 20 minute making of documentary for the new award winning horror movie Ghost Month, which was directed by genre favourite Danny Draven. Shot on 35mm, the film (which uses the Chinese belief that every seventh month of the year sees spirits mingle with the living as it’s starting point) looks highly intriguing, very creepy and most importantly, fresh. Ghost Month stars Marina Resa, Shirley To, Rick Irvin and Akiko Shima whose previous credits include The Grudge and Letters from Iwo Jima and is currently awaiting release.”

Stay tuned for more info as we have it.

You can visit the film’s official website at www.ghostmonthmovie.com.


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