Thursday, October 1

The Sexy Bikini Donning Halle Berry Avoids Being Shark Bait In ‘Dark Tide’ Trailer

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Halle Berry stars in just one of this year’s shark attack movie releases – ‘Dark Tide’. And now a new trailer for the movie has been spotted off the shores at YouTube. The new thriller from ‘Turistas’ (AKA ‘Paradise Lost’) director John Stockwell stars Miss Berry (below) along with ‘Blood and Chocolate’ star and Kylie Minogue’s ex Olivier Martinez. The trailer certainly doesn’t make the movie look overly thrilling but I’m sure we’ll see more intensity in future trailer releases. But what the heck we get a few shots of Halle in a bikini so it’s all good. Now hold your breathe and check out the new trailer below.

“Kate (Halle Berry), shark naturalist and documentarian, has been reluctant to re-enter the water since the tragic death of her mentor. Once renowned for swimming with Great White Sharks without the protection of a cage, Kate now spends her days giving mundane wildlife tours. However, the surprise arrival of her old partner and boyfriend, Jeff (Olivier Martinez), convinces her to face her inner demons and get back in the water with the fiercest of predators.”

Halle Berry Tests The Waters Before Entering The ‘Dark Tide’
Halle Berry Tests The Waters Before Entering The 'Dark Tide'

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