Wednesday, September 30

‘Vampire Academy’ Comes Alive with New Official Site and Motion Poster

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Author Richelle Mead’s series of ‘Vampire Academy’ books are the latest novels to be translated to the big screen. The first of which will hit theatres next Valentines Day. The adaptation is being helmed by ‘Mean Girls’ director Mark Waters and includes a whole host of talented and appealing eye candy for all to enjoy. The new official website and the first look motion poster for the production has arrived which you can check out below. ‘Vampire Academy’ stars Zoey Deutch (‘Beautiful Creatures’), Lucy Fry (‘Lightning Point’), Sarah Hyland (‘Modern Family’), Joely Richardson (‘Event Horizon’), Gabriel Byrne (‘Ghost Ship’), Dominic Sherwood, Danila Kozlovsky and the gorgeous Olga Kurylenk. Check out the new poster below.

“The tale of Rose Hathaway, a 17-year-old girl who has a mental and spiritual bond with her vampire best friend Lissa. The two girls attend a special school for Vampires who struggle to retain some humanity while other Vampires become more feral.”

‘Vampire Academy’ will open on 14 February 2014.

‘Vampire Academy’ Teaser One-Sheet
'Vampire Academy' Teaser One-Sheet

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