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See No Evil
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See No Evil (2006)

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Plot Summary:
"A group of delinquents clean a hotel to fill their community service. Unfortunatly for them they are not aware a maniac is also in the hotel. He locks them in and begins to hunt them down."

Review by
Ryan McDonald
Follow me:
Review Date: 17 December 2012 My Rating: out of 5


A group of delinquent teens (Christina Vidal, Rachael Taylor, and Craig Horner among them) and their charges (Tiffany Lamb and Steve Vidler, the latter a cop) are at the supposedly abandoned Blackwell Hotel for community service cleaning the place up. There they run afoul of the hulking homicidal, eye-gouging maniac resident of the building (played by WWE Superstar Kane). Zoe Ventoura turns up as an early victim.

The WWE Superstar known as Kane (real name Glen Jacobs) seems like the perfect fit for a horror movie character (Kane being ĎThe Devilís favourite demoní, and brother to WWE legend The Undertaker), and so itís no surprise that in 2006 he was given his own horror vehicle (Produced by Vince McMahon himself, no less). Unfortunately, Kane, fine workhorse as he has been even to the present day, has found himself thrown into some of the worst storylines in wrestling history. And this film from director Gregory Dark and writer Dan Madigan is not much better. Thatís probably not a surprise given Madigan was a WWE writer at the time. Dark, meanwhile, has nothing to gloat about either, having experience in porn and directing Britney Spears music videos. But youíd think there was no way a horror film starring Kane as a nutjob with an eye fetish could possibly miss. It does.

The film was clearly made in Australia, with a lot of local talent on show, using largely dodgy American accents (Weird that two of the most experienced Aussies at doing American accents here, Tiffany Lamb and Rachael Taylor are the worst at it). That said, theyíre a whole lot better than most yanks trying to do an Aussie accent in films. Taylor is nauseatingly unconvincing as the resident pot-head. Sheís around for way too much of the film if you ask me.

Iím not sure what building is playing the role of Blackwell here, but credit where itís due, itís an ominous-looking building from the outside. Itís kinda cool-looking on the inside, but reminded me a touch too much of the remake of ďHouse of WaxĒ.

A slow pace really drags this thing down, but itís made worse by the stock characters and set-up. Itís all a bit bland and far too clichťd to stand out amongst other teen horror films of the period. The characters actually seem to have less depth the longer the film goes on, and some of the more objectionable ones last a lot longer than they should. Itís kinda cool that the black guy didnít die first, however.

The deaths are fun and a bit gorier than I was expecting (the WWE of 2012 is a lot more kid-friendly, so this film wouldnít get made today), but nothing to get too excited about. The highlight is probably an axe to the head, leading to flies and maggots pouring out. Disgusting. The final death is ridiculously funny. Kane is well-cast, but not at all well-used. Heís just there for his physicality, and he doesnít even look as demonic as he does in his Kane character. This guyís just a big hulking loon, and silent to boot. Jacobs is no great thesp, but heís great at playing Kane and this film really couldíve used a central menace more like Kane, more of a monster instead of just a big insane dude. Thatís right, he has more of a character in wrestling than he does here. That doesnít seem right to me.

Thereís a great bit involving a two-way mirror, however. I also liked seeing someone forced to swallow a mobile phone, something Iíve never seen before. Unfortunately it doesnít lead to the inevitable ringtone gag. Opportunity completely missed there.

I love the idea of a film about a psycho who gouges eyes out, unfortunately this run-of-the-mill horror pic doesnít take the concept anywhere interesting. Itís like the WWE decided to shove the guy who plays Kane into a horror film...and didnít much bother thinking beyond that.

Reviewer: Phil Davies Brown @horrorasylum
Location:Scotland, UK
Review Date: 15 May 2007 My Rating: out of 5

WWE Wrestler Kane stars as Jacob Goodnight, (although his name is never uttered during the entire duration of the film) a razor clawed (apparently) psycho who plucks sinners eyes out. And, when a group of 8 teens are allowed out of juvenile detention to help re-develop a festering hotel into a homeless shelter, you can bet eyeballs will fly.

The film looks awesome thanks to great set design and cool cinematography, but the pacing and obvious omitted footage had an adverse effect on me. Nothing happens for the first half hour (well, nothing that we havenít seen before anyway) and then everyone is killed off in seriously rapid succession. Poor pacing aside, thereís just so much stuff missing and it seriously affects character arcs (in my eyes at least). We either arenít given the whole story or we donít get enough time to grow fond of the characters and therefore we arenít that bothered when they expire.

See No Evil at least attempts to tie everything up and it has some memorable set pieces, the ďDog FoodĒ death being my personal favourite. The film showed promise and potential but for whatever reason things didnít go exactly to plan. Horror fans should still definitely check this out however, as it is a lot of fun.

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