Monday, March 29

Heather Talks Freddy Vs Jason

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Big news today, as Heather Langenkamp – who has appeared in 3 of the 7 A Nightmare on Elm Street as heroine Nancy Thompson – movies gave her opinion of the in-production-hell Freddy vs. Jason and whether she would be interested in appearing in it… ‘If someone can write that story to the high standards the fans demand and there could possibly be a place for Nancy Thompson I’d be fascinated to see it made. But truly, I do not expect that Nancy would be part of the Jason/Freddy story. And in some ways, I would feel like I betrayed the spirit of NOE if the project didn’t have the blessing of Wes Craven’. She also indicates her character might turn up in the recently rumoured Elm Street prequel: ‘It sounds like a brilliant idea for a movie. I think having my character in a prequel would be more possible than a Jason meets Freddy scenario. Wes Craven had already developed a wonderful back story for Freddy and the Thompson family and the other families of the Elm Street neighborhood. That seems very plausible if not possible’.

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