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Cary Elwes and the ‘Saw 3D’ Footage

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On Friday I as lucky enough to go along to a press junket for the 7th instalment of the Saw franchise, Saw 3D. I was able to sit in on a screening of the opening 10 minutes of the film, and then I had the chance to interview Actor Cary Elwes (video coming very soon!) inside the Saw Alive maze at Thorpe Park. All in all it was a terrific day, and I’d like to extend my thanks to Cary Elwes for taking the time to speak to me.

The interview will be available to see soon, so keep your eyes open. In the mean time, I’m here to share the opening 10 minutes (for those that are interested) with you. Before I go into any detail of what was in the footage I’ll make sure to give fair spoiler warning for those that don’t want any of the film ruined for them. Though I will say this, there wasn’t particularly anything in the opening that should give away any information that wasn’t necessarily already known. What was shown leant more to speculation than anything else.

Alrighty then, here’s your spoiler warning: spoilerspoilerspoilerSPOILERspoiler

The movie opens to the point that the first movie left off, with Jigsaw leaving the bathroom and shutting the door behind him. We’re shown a bloody trail on the ground which leads to a one legged man crawling slowly on his stomach. It’s Dr. Lawrence Gordon, the protagonist from the first Saw film, who managed to escape Jigsaw’s trap by cutting off his own foot and crawling out of the bathroom before Jigsaw shut the door. The film cuts between the opening credits and Dr. Gordon crawling through a series of corridors. He crawls down a hall and stops at a boiling hot steam pipe, at which he lifts up his leg and cauterizes the wound where he sawed his foot off. As he screams in agony the film cuts to a city centre.

Passersby and onlookers in a busy square stop as a glassed off area is revealed showing two men strapped to either end of a Jigsaw contraption. Both men are shackled to either end of a worktable with a saw in front of both of them. The two men are Brad and Ryan, and instantly recognise each other once they come to. They scream for help, and a passerby outside tries to smash the glass, but the window is unbreakable. The Jigsaw Doll then rolls out on his little tricycle, and Jigsaw’s voice can be heard coming out of a set of loudspeakers. The voice to declares to both the men, and everyone watching, that the two are both in love with the same woman, and that neither are aware that she is cheating on both of them with the other one, using and toying with both at the same time. Its at this point that a curtain drops revealing a woman shackled to a rig on the ceiling over both the men, with a saw directly under her stomach. The woman is Dina, the one who has been using both Brad and Ryan. Jigsaw pits the question ‘is this selfish and toxic woman worth taking a life over?’ at which point the game is begun.

Here’s the game: as both one of the two men push their closest saw away from them the saw closest to the opposite man lunges towards him, and vice versa, causing the saw in the middle, underneath Dina, to lower. While this is going on, Dina is being lowered towards the saw underneath her, with the threat of her life only going if either Brad or Ryan push their saws causing hers to drop. So basically, either Brad or Ryan must choose to kill the other in order to save Dina, or if they are to not do anything then Dina will die.

A clock starts to tick down from 60 seconds, and Brad and Ryan start trying to push their saws away from them, not caring that they are risking each others’ lives. Dina shouts down to Brad that she loves him, and tells him he has to kill Ryan. He agrees and starts trying to force the saw into Ryan. Ryan manages to get the upper hand and forces the saw into Brad, cutting his chest slightly. Dina, realising Ryan has the upper hand, shouts to him that she always loved him, and that Brad means nothing to her. Something immediately clicks in Ryan’s head and he shouts over to Brad that the two of them don’t need to do this, neither of them has to die and neither of them has to put up with Dina’s lies any more. They agree to stop fighting against each other and leave their saws alone, causing Dina’s saw to stay up, and eventually she is lowered into, her abdomen being sawn in half.

End of scene.

So there you have it. The opening of Saw 3D. The torture scene was quite tame compared to the gut wrenching standards Saw has set in the past, but this didn’t make it any less entertaining. It just meant that you could enjoy it without necessarily having to watch through your fingers.

So what does everyone think, based on the opening what are your views on how this new instalment to the Saw franchise will be? Does the public display of the torture scene mean that Jigsaw is trying to bring his “game” to a wider audience? Are his plans reaching a much grander scale now?

And as for Dr. Gordon, what does this mean for his character? Will he return to try and stop Jigsaw, or being a survivor will he follow in Jigsaw’s footsteps in the same sense that Amanda did?

Let us know what you think.

Saw 3D will be released in time for Halloween, and keep your eyes open for our interview with Cary Elwes coming soon.

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