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Character Details For ‘Fright Night’ Remake

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As you know Cult horror classic ‘Fright Night’, about geeky young Charlie who discovers that his new next door neighbour is a vampire, is to be remade. Well a little while back a heap of new details finally made their way on line discussing each character in more depth (at bottom of this article). Well it seems STYD have reported that scripter Marti Noxon has not made Vincent the host of a late-night TV show in the remake but more a ”Criss Angel-type. A master showman” obviously to tie-in the fact that the movie’s action takes place this time around in Las Vegas.

‘Fright Night’, currently in pre-production, will star Anton Yelchin, Colin Farrell and Toni Collette and is to be helmed by Craig Gillespie. No word on who’ll be playing the Peter character as yet but you can read all about what he’ll be like below…

“Peter – TVs ‘Master of Illusion’. Really knows his vampires – has had a history with them. Huge fan base. Lives in a Penthouse. Has an assistant, Arthur. When Ed infiltrates his home, he and Charlie are forced to hide out in the ‘Panic Room’. Serves as somewhat of a Yoda-figure to Charlie – especially near the pictures’ end, when Charlie needs to save Peter.”

As for the rest of the characters, you can read all about them below. Take warning though that some of these details are a little spoilerish so if you don’t want to know DON’T READ ON.


Charlie – Typical teenager. Lives with his Mother Jane. Goes out with Amy. Discovers his next-door neighbor is a vampire. Mother won’t have a bar of it. Decks-out his whole house in anti-vampire garb, anyway. Trained by a TV personality, Peter, in the art of killing vampires.

Jerry – The Vampire living next door to Charlie. 30’s. gets around in a wife-beater and Jeans. muscular. described in the script as a “All-American Adonis”. Turns Charlie’s friends (Ed, Adam) and school teacher (Mrs Granada). Not so much the ‘Dracula’-type that Chris Sarandon was in the original film – a lot more frightening.

Evil Ed – ‘Evil Ed’ is an emo…. or a comic-book loving punk. ‘Ed’ believes he and Charlie’s pal Adam has gone missing. Adam, you see, hasn’t been answering his text messages because he and his family have been slaughtered by vampires. Even when Ed discovers the truth, that vampires killed Adam and his family, nobody – not even Charlie, who suggests his friend has been watching too much “Twilight” – believes him. Ed is ultimately turned by the vampire ‘Jerry’ into a black-eyed, sharp toothed monster (not even Peter’s “crucification nails” are a match for him).

Amy – Charlie’s virginal girlfriend. Bit of a sports nut. Runs track-and-field. Unlike the first film, Amy isn’t turned by Jerry (though she finds him incredibly, well, tempting -being that he’s so attractive, muscular and all) quite so early, and remains by her boyfriend’s side to fight the rogues for a while – well, once he finally tells her what’s going on that is. When Amy is finally turned, right at the end of the pic, she and Charlie have this terrific battle. He puts up a bit more of a fight for her in this one though.

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