Tuesday, January 26

Christopher Lee Creeps Us Out in New Still From Hammer’s ‘The Resident’

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Earlier today we posted news of Hammer Films upcoming adaption of ‘The Woman in Black’, with Daniel Radcliffe. And the studio is just ramping up horror projects galore. Yesterday the first still from their other horror ‘The Resident’ were revealed giving us a sneaky first peek at an ominous looking Christopher Lee. Up till now we’d just gotten a glimpse at the not overly interesting one-sheet but just this one image seems to send shivers down mine spine. The Antti Jokinen helmed flick, which stars Hilary Swank, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lee Pace, sadly is set to hit US DVD on 29 March but will likely still see a UK theatrical release. Check out Chris in sinister action below.

“Every year three million single women in America move into an apartment for the first time. They do not know who lived in the apartment before them, they do not know their landlords, and they don’t bother to change the locks. This is the story of one such woman.

After separating from her husband, pretty young doctor Juliet Dermer (Hilary Swank) moves to Brooklyn, settling into a new life in a stunning and spacious loft apartment that seems too good to be true. It is…

Mysterious occurrences lead her to suspect that she is not alone in her home, and quickly her fears become all too real. In a chilling revelation, she discovers that her seemingly charming, young landlord, Max (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), has developed a dangerous obsession with her. A terrifying game of cat and mouse ensues as Juliet fights to free herself from Max’s sinister intentions.”

Christopher Lee Creeps Us Out in ‘The Resident’
Christopher Lee Creeps Us Out in 'The Resident'

‘The Resident’
'The Resident'

Check out more deets for ‘The Resident’ over at the official Hammer Films website.

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