Monday, January 18

Corey Haim Didnt Enjoy ‘Lost Boys: The Tribe’

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Corey Haim recently spilt his honest opinions to Slashfilm about the recent direct-to-disc sequel to the ‘Lost Boys’ whilst doing the promotional rounds for his minor role in ‘Crank 2 : High Voltage’. And as guessed he didn’t like it all that much, most likely due to his performance ending up as an alternative ending on the DVD.

So, regarding ‘Lost Boys 2: The Tribe’, what did Haim have to say?

“Yeah, they called me three months after that movie was being made. And they said we’d like to do some alternate endings and some re-shoots. And I was like, “You know I inquired about this movie and you guys said you didn’t want me, and now you do.” So, I did it…I mean it’s Lost Boys 2.”

Slashfilm asks: “I’ve spoken to a few of the people involved with the sequel behind-the-scenes. I still don’t get it how out turned out so shitty. And you agree that it sucked…”

Corey Haim: “Man, absolutely. No offense to the crew and cast. They did a great job.”

“So, now there’s talk about Lost Boys 3. It seems to be happening.”

Corey Haim: “There’s always ideas being kicked around. There’s talk about number four and number five. The Lost Girls. Just different people at the office. But it’s too late. They should have done it years ago, or just done it properly. It’s way too late. That’s just my opinion.”

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