Tuesday, January 26

Corn and Crow Based Horror In After Dark Originals’ New ‘Husk’ One-Sheet

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After Dark Originals’ upcoming release ‘Husk’ has received a new one-sheet. The crow-related horror tale which stars Wes Chatham (‘The Unit’), C.J. Thomason (‘The Big Bank Theory’), Devon Graye (‘Scar 3D’ and Showtime’s ‘Dexter’), Ben Easter and the gorgeous hottie Tammin Sursok – below (‘Pretty Little Liars’) is based on a short story by writer and director Brett Simmons, whom has expanded his creepy tale into feature-length format. Check out the new poster below.

“When a murder of crows smash into the windshield causing their car to crash, a group of young friends, inside, are forced to abandon the vehicle. Stranded beside a desolate cornfield, they see a light on in a window and decide to go in search of help. They head into the fields but instead of finding sanctuary they discover something evil and unnatural lurking in the corn.”

‘Husk’ will arrive stateside later this Friday, 28 January, and is set to arrive on DVD a couple of months later on 28 March 2011.

Brand New ‘Husk’ One-Sheet
Brand New 'Husk' One-Sheet

Tammin Sursok and Her Furry Rug
Tammin Sursok and Her Furry Rug

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