Wednesday, January 27

Danielle Harris Voices ‘Living Dead’ Spin-Off

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The gorgeous Danielle Harris has certainly been reintroduced into the genre with a bang following her appearance in Rob Zombie’s ‘Halloween’ redo. Of course Danielle will be remembered for her role as little Jamie Lloyd in both ‘Halloween 4’ and ‘Halloween 5’ all those years back but since she is signing up left, right and center for many-a horror flick. And this time around it’s the turn of 3-D CGI spin-off, ‘Night of the Living Dead: Origins’.

Danielle has been Twittering and let slip that the actress has confirmed that she has been cast to lead the spin-off, and is set to voice the role of Barbara.

The CGI re-imagining will deal a lot more with the origins of the characters from George A. Romero’s classic ‘Night of the Living Dead’ and director Zebediah de Soto (who co-penned the script with David R. Schwartz) plan to make their story more like “an American-style anime.”

Besides the recent ‘Halloween II’ Miss Harris can also be seen in the upcoming horrors; ‘The Black Waters of Echo’s Pond’, ‘Blood Night’ and ‘Stake Land’.

Sexy Danielle Harris Set For 'Night of the Living Dead: Origins'

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