Wednesday, January 27

Exclusive New Stills from ‘Babysitter Wanted’

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The blood drenched ‘Babysitter Wanted’ hits DVD stores (what’s left of them here in the UK) this Monday and to celebrate this gory news we have got ahold of some UK exclusive stills from the movie. Check them out below.

Sarah Thompson stars as Angie, a small college town girl who gets a babysitting job on a rural farm, but finds herself terrorized throughout the night. But this ain’t no ‘When a Stranger Calls’ this at least has punch and an 18/R rating!!! Yay!!!

The official synopsis is below:

“Attractive but sheltered, Angie Albright is excited to finally attend college, however she soon discovers that there are far worse threats to worry about than a messy dorm room.

While looking for a job babysitting, Angie learns about the recent disappearance of a female college student and the horrific murder of another girl. After growing increasingly paranoid that someone may be stalking her, she is pleased to befriend Rick, a fellow student.  When Angie’s car breaks down the night she’s supposed to begin babysitting, Rick jumps at the chance to drive her to the remote farmhouse.

Angie quickly realizes just how creepy the old farmhouse is at night…and just how isolated they are.  Then the phone calls begin…”

Written and co-directed (alongside Michael Manasseri) by Jonas Barnes the movie also stars Matt Dallas, Kristen Dalton, Bruce Thomas, Nana Visitor and the legendary Bill Moseley.

‘Babysitter Wanted’ is yours to own on DVD here in the UK from Monday 23rd February.


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