Saturday, January 23

Extended Plot Synopsis For New Thai Horror ‘Bangkok Fable’

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Thai director Thanakorn Pongsuwan (‘Opapatika’, ‘Fireball’) is hard at work on his ‘Fireball’ prequel ‘Fireball Begins’. However, Pongsuwan also is trying his hand at a new horror intriguingly entitled ‘Bangkok Fable’. 24 Frames Per Second managed to score a nice new lengthy plot synopsis for the movie and you can check it out below!

“Anake is the only descendent of the Phram priesthood, an ancient bloodline. He is responsible for keeping the memory of his ancestors and their traditions alive. But he has run away from his duty to live a simple life with his wife and daughter in modern Bangkok. One day, a wealthy man called Rout calls on Anake for help, asking him to break a curse that has returned from the past. The female members of his family have become deformed, their limbs twisting in painful contortions. Even the children are not spared. Anake is hesitant to re-enter the domain of dark arts, but is persuaded by the money Rout can pay to secure the future of his own family. He returns to his childhood home to research the curse and discover how it was once stopped.

Anake learns that 200 years ago, before Bangkok was established, there was a young woman who swore revenge against Rout’s bloodline for eternity. After death, her body refused to decay, as if willpower was maintaining both it and her curse. Anake’s great-great-grandfather sealed the angry spirit of the woman in a secret place. In the family library, Anake finds two ancient books: one details how to trap evil spirits, the other details nine places in Bangkok where the rituals must be performed. But only one page of the second book remains, describing the ninth place where the woman’s spirit might lie. The only clue that may lead him further is a painting of the woman on the wall of the family temple and the few cryptic lines of a poem. Anake begins his terrifying journey to find the nine secret places, surviving encounters with evil spirits who hold vital clues and desire for revenge. Unexpectedly, his own young daughter is struck down with the curse, twisting her limbs in agony.”

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