Friday, October 23

Grimmfest To Screen the Terrifying Banshee Chapter Next Month

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It has been said by many people on many occasions that everything in the horror genre has been done before. While that may or may not be the case the recent success of ‘The Conjuring’ which references a multitude of its predecessors does suggest that this formula works. ‘Banshee Chapter’ itself is also not wholly original, but it is extremely frightening. As part of its 2014 film series Grimmfest is screening Blair Erickson’s sublimely uncomfortable horror at The Dancehouse Theatre, Manchester on 5th February.

Following a young journalist’s investigation into the mysterious disappearance of her friend, ‘Banshee Chapter’ explores the murky world of a government’s chemical experimentation on its own subjects and draws the audience into situations of real fear and terror.

Based on and supported by authentic documentation this is a film that will remain with the viewer long after watching and is without doubt an elegantly crafted and intensely invasive journey. There are few opportunities to see Banshee Chapter in theatres and Grimmfest must be applauded once again for screening newly released original productions from first time directors alongside classics such as ‘The Lost Boys’ which is itself being shown on 30th January.

There can be no doubt that 2014 has begun in style! For more information visit and visit our reviews section for more information on ‘Banshee Chapter’.
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'Banshee Chapter' Artwork

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