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Horror Asylum Giveaways – Quashing The Rumour Mill

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Hi everyone. We need your support! It seems someone somewhere is trying to blacken the reputation of our good site. There have been claims that the giveaways and contests held here at the Horror Asylum are false. In spite of our numerous winners sitting happily at home enjoying their prize(s) around the world as well as word from our huge range of generous contributors and suppliers it doesn’t seem enough. We don’t handle anywhere near all the prize despatches and so these claims only go to ruin other people’s reputations as well as our own.

We’ve also been accused of ‘profiting from TXT giveaways’ which would be great if this were true also. Our TXT to WIN option is ONLY available here in the UK and by law we are required to offer ‘other’ FREE entry options alongside it. Which you’ll see as our postal and online entry options. Therefore none of our giveaways are actually chargeable. This service was bought in to help people interact more with our site and was actually originally intended to become part of a new smart phone app we were developing (more news on this soon).

Several years ago we provided all winners information on the site in our named winners area. Unfortunately, due to some controversy with regards to information these winners didn’t want to appear we decided to remove this section from the site. Sadly it seems we are going to need to re-launch this and and also tighten up our entry terms and conditions to allow us to do this once again and to help put these rumours to bed.

Unfortunately we took the decision to despatch all prizes ourselves for some time a while back due to the over extended periods it was taking for the suppliers and PR companies themselves to ship the products to individual winners. In some cases it was taking months, even to the point on a couple of occassions we had to go out and purchase the items ourselves JUST to fulfil the giveaway winners.

We would like to ensure that if anyone is still currently waiting for their prize(s) they are on their way but please contact us at to notify us. Please understand that international shipping from the UK can increase waiting periods exponentially.

Also, we would like to hear from any of our winners over the past few years to contact us directly if they would like to praise or complain about any of our giveaways hosted here at the Horror Asylum.

We’ve included a brief list of our most recent winners below, whom will shortly be receiving their prizes, but we will shortly be re-launching our winners announcement area and updating the giveaway pages as applicable. We’ve also included some nice words we’ve received from our very own selected winners for giveaways that ran in just the past few weeks.

Thanks for your time and all your support guys!

Open House DVD Giveaway
John B, Southampton
Dimitrios X, Thessaloniki – Greece
Ian S, Durham
Keith E, Liverpool
Arthur B, PA – USA

Immortal With a Kiss Book Giveaway
Janice C, NJ – USA
Niki M, PA – USA

The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra DVD Giveaway
Linda C, Ontario – Canada
Greig S, Leicester
Chris L, West Glamorgan

Beverley K, Derbyshire – “it arrived within a week of me sending off my address and I was chuffed to bits to receive it!”
@horrorasylum for horror news, great giveaways and genuine prizes! Got my DVD and loved it!
Laura H, Leicester
Paul J, Suffolk @lazyboyblue – Devil DVD – “received promptly and without fuss”
Jessie S from London – Rare Exports
“thanks again for choosing me as your competition winner, it was such a great night, the caged santa was absolutely brilliant and i cant wait until it comes out on DVD”
Linda C, Ontario – Canada – “Wow thank you.What a pleasant surprise.”
Janice – US – “Thank you so much! You definitely put a smile on my face :)” – “Just got a WEM for a Signed Clive Barkers Book of Blood, fantastic, my kind of read! Thanks Lakshmi7 xxx”

The Horror Asylum

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