Friday, January 22

Horror Hotties Lily Haze and Christy Carlson Romano Get ‘Infected’

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Michael Madsen (‘Reservoir Dogs’, Kill Bill’), William Forsythe (‘The Devil’s Rejects’, Rob Zombie’s ‘Halloween’, and Christy Carlson Romano (‘Mirrors 2’ – nude shower clip link available below!) all have something in common; they are trying to keep their distance from the ‘Infected’, a breed of non-generic zombies born from a parasitic “tick” virus. The new zombie flick, from writer director Glenn Ciano (‘Inkubus’), recently cast the sexy model/actress/director Lily Haze (below) in the upcoming movie. And it appears Miss Haze is developing a new documentary about the parts women have traditionally played in the horror genre. An exploration of female roles in film and literature, including graphic novels, with a nod to their intrinsically fetishistic nature. Haze was introduced to Glenn Ciano at a local horror convention where he screened a demo reel of his previous film, ‘Inkubus’, a suspense thriller starring Robert Englund.

She submitted herself for the role and, in her own words, “For my film debut, I get to come back from the dead. Just think what I’ll do next!”

“I love horror” Haze comments…”especially the films that don’t rely solely on the overwrought carnage so popular in most of what you see today. I’m only disappointed over the forfeiture of significant female roles in the genre. I want to transcend the virgin/whore complex displayed in most slasher films and either find or create female characters who truly represent the diversity of my sex.”

Haze, who isn’t busy enough, has also begun production on her own indie horror film!

And in case you missed it don’t forget to check out Christy Carlson Romano’s ‘Mirrors 2’ Nude Shower Scene Clip, that we posted last week.

‘Infected’ Star Lily Haze Peels Off Her Bikini Top
'Infected' Star Lily Haze Peels Off Her Bikini Top

‘Infected’ Star Lily Haze as a Dead Hooker
'Infected' Star Lily Haze as a Dead Hooker

‘Infected’ Star Lily Haze Gets Cage Rage
'Infected' Star Lily Haze Gets Cage Rage

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