Wednesday, November 25

Horror Stock Want Your Horror Products! New Marketplace Coming Soon

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We’re excited to announce that our sister site Horror Stock ( is going through some big, big changes currently. Very soon our long-established partner will be relaunching with their new website, new brand and a whole new range of cool products from the horror, sci-fi, comic book and fantasy genres.


We Want Your Products - Horror Stock

Horror Stock is on the hunt for exciting, unique, unusual and creative cult and pop culture products from the realm of horror, the world of science fiction, the pages of comic books and the land of fantasy.

They are seeking out creators, designers and talented artists, all of whom will be able to showcase not only their awesome products but also themselves in an online Artist Showcase.

It’s Horror Stock’s mission to provide a new, fresh platform for creative’s to showcase their wonderful works and to hopefully enjoy increased sales along the way. They are looking for products to showcase, promote and sell through their new website Horror Stock ( and accompanying social media channels, as well as their other well-established genre network partners.

So if you think you have a product or creation that you would love to share with them, no matter if you already have an online store, or sell online in another marketplace, Horror Stock would love you to get in touch!

Drop them a line at to find out more!

The site is readying it’s launch but you can still visit and sign up for updates and news of when the site finally goes live!

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