Saturday, January 16

Images & Trailer At ‘The Children’ Website

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A batch of stills, a trailer and more can all be found at a new official site for Tom Shankland’s UK thriller ‘The Children’. You may know this project better as ‘The Day’ as up to now that’s what everyone was referring to it as.

‘The Children’ is based on a story by Paul Andrew Williams (‘The Cottage’) and is set on New Year’s Eve. With a tagline like ‘You Brought Them Into this World, They’ll Take You Out’ surely you’re on to a winner?

“Two families come together for the holidays. Their time together ends up as a desperate fight for survival as one by one the children mysteriously fall ill and turn against their parents with horrifying consequences.”

Is it possession? Is it a ’28 Days Later’ type virus? Who knows. But I’m sure we’ll find out more as ‘The Children’ approaches.

You can check out the site here: Official ‘The Children’ website


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