Wednesday, January 27

Joseph Gordon-Levitt To Become The Riddler After All in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’?

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Months ago there were rumours bouncing around that actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt could be up for the role of The Riddler in the upcoming ‘Batman’ sequel ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. These rumours were of course fueled by Christopher Nolan’s recent habit of re-casting actors he’s worked with on previous projects. He’s already signed up Tom Hardy (‘Bronson’) again after they worked together on sci-fi mind-f#ck ‘Inception’ and of course Jo was also in the movie so it makes sense that today Deadline are reporting that he is indeed now part of the final chapter. Who he’ll play is another matter entirely (could we see a reinvented Joker?), but my money is on the Riddler. He’ll join the returning Christian Bale (‘The Dark Knight’), Michael Caine (‘The Dark Knight’), Morgan Freeman (‘Seven’) and Gary Oldman (‘Leon’) as well as the sexy Anne Hathaway who picks up the reigns to play the leather soaked Catwoman.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt To Become The Riddler?
Joseph Gordon-Levitt To Become The Riddler?

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