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‘Let Me In’ – Hammer’s Return to Horror

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Lying in the midst of a sterilised hospital room lays a man too badly hurt to utter a word to the detective trying to question him. The detective leaves the room in hope of finding a little girl that has said to have been asking after him. On his return the man who was unable to move just moments ago has managed to have leapt from the hospital window and in turn to his death! The scrawled note which is left beside the hospital bed is the basis of the storyline to come. It’s an apology to an individual named Abby.

‘Let me In’ is certainly a film that only reveals a little at a time, which in turn keeps the concentration of the viewers on form as well as adding a certain element of anticipation to the movie.

The storyline offers a disturbing yet strange take on a series of events that revolve around a lonely boy and his mysterious and enigmatic fantastical friend.

‘Let me In’ is a re-make of a Swedish horror film ‘Let the Right One In’ and has this time around been directed by Matt Reeves, he has in turn created a must-see American Style horror that offers a lingering, pensive and composed quality.

‘Let me In’ has been described as a re-make that appears both highly clever and quick witted. Reeves has taken the role of the older man who travels with the strange girl and modified it, incorporating a breathtaking car sequence as appose to the original swimming pool climax, which featured in Alfredson’s original version of the movie.  A more openly religious subtext has also been incorporated into the movie, which regards both the good and the evil.

Details such as Abby’s habit of treading barefoot through the snow and the slow-burning, static Cinemascope masterpieces are all apparent in this version as well as the original version.

Kodi Smit-McPhee plays the part of the lonely boy Owen, who originates from a broken home and is encouraged to fight his own battles by his new fantastical companion, Abby.  Abby is played by Chloe Moretz and as a character, Abby appears child like, understanding, responsive and even compassionate, but also offers a certain edge of hidden evil.

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